Like many other apartment renters across the country, a tiny bathroom might be one of those things you just have to contend with. But having a small bathroom doesn’t have to be the end of the world. With these clever hacks, you’ll be able to reorganize and make the space work for you.

Think vertically

If you have limited horizontal space, it’s time to look up! Using vertical space in your small bathroom can make a huge difference when it comes to storing your items. One example is using a leaning ladder to hang multiple towels and other bathroom linens.

Shelving, shelving, shelving

If you’ve run out of space under the sink or behind the mirror to store your items, installing a few shelving units might make your life easier. Slim units like picture ledges and even a spice rack or two are the perfect solution to store small items and bottles.

Above the door

Don’t forget about the real estate above the bathroom door either! You should make the most out of every inch you can, and the space over a door jam is often underutilized. There you can install a few shelves to house towels and other bathroom necessities.

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