A useful kitchen cleaning hack can mean the difference between living with a messy and unkempt kitchen, and one that you’ll be proud to walk into every day. Everyone needs a good kitchen cleaning hack, and these 4 should help you out:

Improve faucet flow with a bag of vinegar water

This tried and true method has worked well for showerheads, so it’ll also work for your kitchen faucet. Add some white vinegar to water in a bag, fasten it to your faucet, let it soak for a little while, and then give it a little scrub at the end. Simply and clean.

Freshen your garbage disposal with lemons or ice

If you notice a putrid smell coming from your sink garbage disposal, you probably have food stuck in the blades. Toss some ice cubes into the unit and let it run to safely remove the food bits. You can also add a few lemon peels to help take care of the gross smell.

Make your messes smaller

Give yourself a few small wins while you clean up your kitchen. When you begin your routine from the outside and work your way in, it’ll keep your momentum up from start to finish. You’ll be able to watch your kitchen mess shrink in no time.

Steam your dirty microwave

For your microwave, fill a bowl with vinegar and sliced lemons and set the timer for a couple minutes. You want the steam to build in the microwave, so don’t open it right away when it beeps. Wipe the inside surface with a sponge and most of the gunk should come right off.

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