If you’re moving out of an apartment by yourself, it’s important you make sure that you don’t damage the place you’re leaving or the residence you’re moving into. Don’t let your floors and walls take a hit during the move! Here’s how you can avoid major accidents:

Plan your steps carefully

You should never rush moving furniture, especially if you’re moving on your own. Spare some time to plan how you’re going to take those furniture units out of the current home or inside the new one. This will also minimize the risk of personal injuries during the moving process.

Disassemble the furniture

Don’t let oversized furniture pieces get stuck on sharp turns! Trying to free it can damage the wall corners, so the best way to protect walls during a move is to disassemble large furniture into smaller units. This will help them pass safely through door openings and corridors.

Cover the furniture with blankets

If your furniture can’t be disassembled, you can ensure that their protruding parts won’t damage the walls by wrapping the critical areas. Use thick furniture blankets to absorb any direct hits if the units get accidentally into contact with a wall.

Cover the walls with cardboard

Cardboard is a versatile material and provides a good level of protection. It’s light enough to be attached easily to the walls of the home. In addition to safeguarding walls and wall corners, cardboard sheets can be used to protect doors and door frames as well.

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