Although most repairs and renovations are handled by a professional maintenance staff when you live in a luxury apartment, for smaller projects around your home (like hanging pictures or building a TV stand), it’s helpful to have some basic tools. Below is  list of suggested items every apartment renter should keep in their toolbox:


The construction of your household toolbox begins with one of the oldest tools known to humankind: the hammer. However, you likely won’t need a gigantic model for undertakings such as those limited to indoor apartment living, so forego buying a sledgehammer or mallets. Instead, choose something more convenient like a “Ball Peen” or “Claw” hammer. These kinds are uncomplicated and useful for repairing many things around your dwelling place.


First off, you’ll need a set of screwdrivers. For use inside your apartment, you’ll only need a few types though. A “Slotted” or “flat” head screwdriver will serve many purposes around your place. There’s also the “Cross Head,” more popularly known as the “Phillips” head screwdriver. Much of the furniture and appliances nowadays utilize Phillips head screws instead of nails too so that they can be quickly disassembled for repairs or renovation works without major damage being done to them first.

A “Hex” screwdriver is just another type of “Allen” key–those L-shaped tools that sometimes come in the box when you buy new furniture or appliances. You’ll always find a use for an Allen key, so it’s good to have one around.

Picture Hangers and Anchors

A few good quality picture hangers and wall anchors are essential for every apartment renter, even though they may not realize it. Look for “Sawtooth”, “Keyhole” or “D-Ring” hangers. Command line products have become increasingly popular among renters who don’t want to put holes in walls since the items can often be removed without difficulty at the end of your lease agreement.

Wrenches and Pliers

Every toolbox should have a pair of pliers, as they are some of the most versatile tools. Needle nose pliers, diagonal pliers and tongue and groove  pliers with adjustable jaws that lock into place are all great choices.

While chain nose pliers are traditionally used for shaping wires in jewelry making, they can also be employed for other tasks around the house or at work. An adjustable wrench (more popularly known as a Crescent wrench) would likely come in handy too – and socket or ratchet wrenches might be good to have on standby.

Tape Measure

A tape measure is an essential tool for anyone living in an apartment. It doesn’t matter if you need to measure a wall for furniture, hang curtains or shelves; a good quality tape measure will have you covered! Most come in lengths of 2, 5 or 25 feet. Just make sure the one you choose has a “hook” on the end so it can grip objects securely and easily. Other features worth looking out for are belt clips and thumb locks.


Although not officially classified as a tool, you will probably find a flashlight to be the most useful item! A flashlight comes in handy for all sorts of activities, like taking your dog for a walk at night or looking under the couch for a child’s toy.

A good flashlight is vital for events like a power outage, but it’s also perfect for finding your keys in the dark or checking under the hood of your car. Plus, if you have kids, a flashlight can make bedtime stories extra suspenseful during sleepovers. Just be sure to pick the best flashlight for your needs and keep some backup batteries around!

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