If you live in an apartment complex, hearing noises from your neighbors might be a common occurrence. Thankfully you can help stop your noise problems with these useful tips on soundproofing your apartment.

Soundproofing vs sound absorbing

Soundproofing and sound absorption often get confused for the other, but the two terms are actually very different. Soundproofing means blocking noise from entering or exiting by eliminating vibrations. Sound absorption on the other hand, is when the sound waves get absorbed in a room and eliminate echoes and reverberation.

Soundproofing your room

If you want to soundproof your apartment, you first need to find the source of where the noise is entering or exiting. While you can never get rid of the noise completely, you can use a variety of soundproofing and absorption techniques to make a noticeable difference.

Acoustic panels — Acoustic panels can help with soundproofing, but their purpose is to create a quiet interior through sound absorption. By hanging them on your walls, the interior of your home will have a quieter, dry sound.

Seal gaps — There are plenty of ways to seal gaps around your windows or doors. You can seal gaps by using foam, silicone, or tape. Most hardware stores carry noise reducing tape and acoustical caulk too.

Furnish your apartment — Filling the room with furniture is the best way to eliminate noise within your apartment as rugs, blankets, and couches absorb sound well.

Sound machine — A machine that produces white noise won’t do anything to prevent noise leaks into or out of your apartment, but it does help to drown out unwanted noise. 

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